Class Styles

The Yoga Room offers a broad range of yoga styles and classes to suit your level and lifestyle, from dynamic Ashtanga to holistic Hatha, yin yoga and meditation.

Hatha yoga

‘Ha’ means sun, ‘tha’ means moon. Hatha yoga encompasses all the styles of yoga to balance the body not only physically but mentally. The hatha class consists of classical yoga postures, standing sitting inversions, and dynamic sun salutes. Breath work is an integral part of the class and different techniques are taught at the end of every class, which closes with relaxation or meditation.

Beginners yoga

Hatha yoga style class suitable for those completely new to or returning to yoga, rehabilitating from injury or illness, or wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding on the fundamentals of yoga. Be guided through postures, breath work and relaxation or meditation.

hatha floor yoga

hatha floor yoga involves working with cooling postures held for a period of time. This encourages students to release muscle tension and targets joints and connective tissue. This is an open class for beginners to advanced students and can accommodate injuries.

Birthlight pregnancy

Birthlight yoga incorporates selected yoga practices for the benefit of pregnant women and women in labour. Birthlight yoga offers practical ways to enhance your enjoyment of this special time. You can join the class anytime from 14 weeks onwards and don’t need previous yoga experience.

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga involves working with supported postures and the breath to promote recovery from illness, injury, chronic stress and fatigue. Restorative yoga enhances feelings of calmness and wellbeing.

60s plus

The 60s plus class involves gentle stretches to all muscle groups to increase your range of movement. Balance, breath and relaxation are included.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a talk through relaxation which provides a deeply relaxing experience. Excellent for the mental health of the student.


Pranayama or breath work involves different techniques of working with the full yoga breath. Breath work normalises abnormal breath patterns in the individual. It also increases lung capacity. It has a profound calming affect on the mind as well as stretching muscles such as the diaphragm and abdominal back muscles. On a energetic level Breath work can also increases vitality by breathing in energy or prana which can be stored .